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1  General Category / Natural Gas Vehicles / Need CNG regulator for 2003 F150 - GFI/Blackstone
 on: 04/16/14 at 20:54:47 
Started by baskervi | Post by baskervi  
I have a 2003 F150 with the factory GFI system that now has a bad regulator. I started working with Interstate CNG about 1.5 years ago. I'd call every month or so and later about every 2 months for a year - the owner kept saying it was ordered and wasn't being shipped. I finally tracked down a person at Blackstone, and he said the owner never ordered it and that the owner of CNG Interstate was killed in an unfortunate accident. I spent about 3 months with the new owner trying to get one ordered, and finally gave up. I was given the number for a new startup at one of the dealerships - he had originally worked at CNG Interstate, and I remember him seeming really sharp. He actually ordered the regulator, but by the time it arrived, he was out of business. I've called about every CNG shop I can locate in OKC and Tulsa, and several say they will make calls and get back to me. Surprise, surprise! None have called me back. Blackstone won't sell directly to me, and that's unfortunate for me as I found a place that will install a regulator if I can just get one.

It's now been 1.5 years, and I've been running on 100% gas. The CNG tax credits have now gone away, and overnight CNG went up from $1.00/GE to $1.50 GE. It's still a little less than 1/2 of gas. I want the dang thing fixed.

Is there anyone out there who can help me get a regulator and get it installed? I paid about an extra $4K for the truck because of CNG, and it worked flawlessly for about 6 months before it threw up the ghost.

Thanks for any feedback. Baskervi

2  General Category / Natural Gas Vehicles / TAG Heuer is the world's top luxury brand
 on: 04/16/14 at 00:32:16 
Started by fitch652210 | Post by fitch652210  
TAG Heuer is the world's top luxury brand

As the world's fourth-largest luxury watch brand like Breitling Watches, TAG Heuer to accurate, high-quality, innovation as a product of the DNA, to ensure the best movement, the best components, 100% Swiss made, is extremely reliable timepiece. At the same time during the development phase, every TAG Heuer to go through the 60 assessment test as well as manufacturing test, such kind of harsh yardstick shaped TAG Heuer exceptional quality. Continuous innovation, bold innovation and timeless design, the challenge of the limit under the TAG Heuer watch time to time and time again to improve accuracy, from 1 / 10 sec, 1 / 100 sec, up to 1 / 1000 sec. "Beyond" has been appeared in the dictionary Hoya, it is precisely such a spirit of excellence and achievements of the Shi-Hao TAG Heuer to make it won various awards Haute Horlogerie; but also the achievements of the wear TAG Heuer's outstanding personalities.

They, like TAG Heuer Watches, and constantly strive for excellence, attention to every detail, and extraordinary achievements lies.150 years, TAG Heuer has won numerous awards, winning slam. Into the 21st century, TAG Heuer in the past seven years, six were within the watch industry's most prestigious award in Geneva watches. 2002 Microtimer, is the world's first accurate to 1 / 1000 second chronograph quartz watch; 2003's Monaco 69, is the world's first accurate to 1 / 1000 second double-sided timing of quartz mechanical watch, the perfect interpretation of "Dynamic and charm"; in 2005 the Diamond Fiction, by 879 diamonds embedded, the time displayed in the radiance of the diamond among the lean impressed by inventions; in 2006 the Carrera Calibre 360, is the world's first accurate to 1 / 100 second mechanical chronograph watch, another watch technology, the limits of human beings; 2007 Link Calibre S persistent efforts to create the world's first accurate to 1 / 100 second electro-mechanical watch. In 2008, TAG Heuer once again prove their pioneering spirit and the ultimate pursuit, Grand Carrera Calibre 36 RS, is the world's first display can be precisely 1 / 10 seconds on the dial on a mechanical watch.

Crown-wing body TAG Heuer is also the world's largest luxury goods group LVMH's star brands, its not just a fashion brand like Michael Kors Watches, it has never stopped pioneering footsteps. Swiss mountain town of ingenuity Imagination, a half-century of innovative concepts, coupled with the Seiko TAG Heuer has always been a long time washing skills and Mi grinding, TAG Heuer is the control of a well-deserved time artist.

3  General Category / Natural Gas Vehicles / Armani: Big Value in a Small Package
 on: 04/15/14 at 23:06:59 
Started by fitch652210 | Post by fitch652210  
Armani: Big Value in a Small Package

The Armani fashion company has been around since 1975, created by fashion icon Giorgio Armani. Since then, the Armani name has become synonymous with substance and style all over the world. It has expanded to become one of the most famous and sought after of designer brands, and it now includes items in its various lines to suit just about anyone. From men to women, everyone can take pleasure in wearing the Armani name. With men in particular, Armani watches are somewhat of a status symbol and one that men who value style, elegance, and an aura of power all appreciate. Plus, these are some of the finest, most delicately crafted timepieces in the world.

Armani watches are fashion brand like Michael Kors Watches, Armani watches are different from other designer, luxury watches in their appearance such as TAG Heuer Watches and Breitling Watches. They are graced with a variety of unique features that make them stand out in a crowd. For example, the faces are often bold and daring, exuding a sense of power to the one wearing it, which is why men snap these watches up like crazy. It's hard for a store to keep Armani watches in stock, because they are so sought after. In fact, any time the Armani company announces it will be releasing a new brand of watch, those watches soon disappear from store shelves into the hands of eager consumers.

Also, unlike most other luxury watches, Armani watches are relatively low priced without sacrificing one bit of quality. This means that even if you can't afford any other luxury apparel item, you can usually afford an Armani watch. This watch may be the only accessory of real value that a person owns, and it will therefore be treasured and looked after quite carefully. You'll feel good about spending your money on one of these fine timepieces.

Armani watches are always make with the most innovative watchmaking technologies and styles and designs are constantly changing to be on the cutting edge of fashion. The Armani company wants the people who buy its watches to be pleased with their purchase and to be proud to show off their watch to everyone they meet. You can be sure that not only will your watch be made to last, it will also be made to attract attention and admiration.  
Therefore, you can be sure that no matter what your taste in watches is, you will find something to love in the Armani brand and you will likely want to wear it every day as a statement to the world that you are a person of class, distinction, and style.

You can find Armani watches at most fine jewelry stores and at plenty of locations online. In fact, looking online is probably your best bet, as the best prices and discounts on the latest styles can often be found there. So, get your Armani on and wear it proudly. After all, you deserve to look your best and wear the best, too!

4  General Category / Natural Gas Vehicles / toms outlet
 on: 04/15/14 at 09:22:42 
Started by avccrqctj | Post by avccrqctj  
Most of the fruit trees are about six feet tall and come five in a bundle for $25. The free trading cards are available at participating airports, including Reagan National, Denver, Austin, Chicago O Hare and Fort Lauderdale. You can put the vacuum cleaner bag anywhere along the path between the intake tube and the exhaust port, as long as the air current flows through it. Besides talking about the river walk and restaurants, Arnold has tried to make this campaign about the largest incidents of crime. The reverend secured a few sleeping bags and told the men to stay in the church. While free might sound like a good option, it is not the best option for the environment. He shot at someone and that person got back at him, got his head cracked open. The visitors and devotees could sense the difference the festival made this year, as compared to last year.

5  For Sale / Cars For Sale / Re:  Diana Ross, entertained a crowd  bag
 on: 04/13/14 at 01:34:40 
Started by organza | Post by organza  
better suited behind glass in a grand hermes lindy museum. So precious are these works r partner of pop star George Michael, said of Ms. Hall. "She's a great art collector and the ultimate rock chick."

Further west, another rock chick, Diana Ross, entertained a crowd that included a Fioroni, Carol Rama and Carla Accardi – at their creative height during those decades. Then the fabrics reverted to uber rich: floral jacquards, crystal embroideries, woven tapestries, fur hermes constance bag  intarsia, diamond paneled leather, crystallised butterflies, unicorns, flowers and foliage. It was a perfect show for their custom

celebrate its own, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image is filling the void. This week, ACMI opens its latest film-­focused exhibition as part of its Winter Masterpieces series: DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition — Journey From 100 artists as well as Katy Perry, Chloë Sevigny, Jane Fonda and Pharrell Williams at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art's annual gala,

thrown with the help of partner Louis Vuitton. Ms. Sevigny was one of the few women l of art that to touch them, let alone to wear them, is almost unthinkable. It does make you wonder who the Valentino customer is and what kind of lifestyle she leads: Palazzo? Chauffeur? Private jet?

At first, it looked as if the designers were reinventing their universe. They set off in a bold new direction with a parade of punchy bright spots and half circles in red, pink, orange, black hermes bags for sale  and white. The clothes were clean and crisp: short dresses had little collars made entirely of

6  For Sale / Cars For Sale / Re:  Diana Ross, entertained a crowd  bag
 on: 04/13/14 at 01:27:03 
Started by organza | Post by organza  
m of icy circles of thick crystal covering neck to knee hermes purse  or as deep  tor dinners to museum benefits. Or to Dallas, where last week MTV's HIV-prevention Staying Alive foundation threw its third annual Re:Define benefit and gala at the exhibition space Dallas Contemporary.

Among the guests were painter Richard Phillips (whose first  hermes picotin American solo museum show opens there this weekend), jeweler Eddie Borgo, Russian style star Nasiba Adilova, Paddle8 co-founder Alexander Gilkes and actress/model  the Western Desert, the historian Philip Jones came face to face with a majestic suite of artworks that would occupy his thoughts for much of the next two decades.

That night, the Yuendumu Doors were still hanging on their hinges in the remote school compound where they had been painted: they were wind-scoured, sandblasted and graffiti-strewn. They were on the verge of their great  Jerry Hall, who drove up from her home in Austin and wore a beaded L'Wrejewel coloured bodices for those dreamy evening gowns made not of fur – as we all thought in the show – but of shredded layer upon layer of organza. The show ended on two Beauties in bright white gowns laced in pagan symbols with feathered hems that floated like thistledown across the grassy moor.

This was a huge departure for Sarah hermes evelyne iii  Burton. Gone were the corsets, the hourglass silhouette, the sharp angles and sever tailoring. Gone were the precarious heels. This was Burton stamping her ground, quite literally with solid flat stomping boots some of which came glutted

7  For Sale / Cars For Sale / Diana Ross, entertained a crowd  bag
 on: 04/13/14 at 01:24:55 
Started by organza | Post by organza  
en Scott cardigan in a tribute to her ex-husband Mick Jagger's late girlfriend. "It was really great to have our Hermes Lindy  hometown girl back in Texas," co-chair Kenny Goss, the former partner of pop star George Michael, said of Ms n the eerie darkness, then as dawn broke and the lights lifted, the next girl approached in her black coat sprouting a long and wicked fur collar, her white petticoat bobbing beneath.

Next came Beauty in starched white broderie anglaise with flouncedh to wear a dress from new Louis Vuitton creative director Nicolas Ghesquière's much-anticipated debut collection.

The evening coincided with the opening of a Mike Kelley retrospective and wrapped up an hermes constance bag  eight-month effort to raise $100 million to keep MOCA an independent institution, said cancer activist Lily Tartikoff Karatz, one of the gala's chairs. To cel

urne-based photographer took his camera everywhere — from established, conservative arenas of social pleasure such as the Melbourne Cup to untidy, beer-strewn cauldrons of working class pleasure found in city hotels and night clubs, and city streets. sleeves and after that a whole host of Beauties entered. Their coats swaddled them in rich black brocades or. Hall. "She's a great art collector and the ultimate rock chick."

Further west, another rock chick, Diana Ross, entertained a crowd that included 100 artists as well as Hermes sale  Katy Perry, Chloë Sevigny, Jane Fonda and Pharrell Williams at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art's annual gala, thrown with the help of partner Louis Vuitton. Ms. Sevigny was one of the few women lucky

8  For Sale / Parts For Sale / Re: s production to win the Cold War.
 on: 04/03/14 at 06:42:26 
Started by organza | Post by organza  
dered with colourful flowers and leaves wrapped around a stark monochrome louis vuitton key pouch  T-shirt and leather trousers. And, given that there were almost as many of the label's pieces on the assembled press as there were on the   the most serious, introspective singers in the world ever — not to use the word depressing — suddenly being confronted by the guy who wrote ‘Happy’. And to see the two of them just sitting in a corner and coming up with a song? It was very exciting.”

And then there’s the song featuring Kendrick Lamar and Alicia Keys. “I think it was Pharrell who thought of the Kendrick idea,” Zimmer says. “In fact, I’m pretty sure of it. And it felt like it was the right thing to do — that we  s, the giggle factor was just too much to get over. But in all fairness, we had recently landed on the Moon so space louis vuitton business card holder  was in our thoughts and, originally being a planetary geologist, I thought this idea was a gas.

Transmutation. Bombarding the waste, or individual components of it, East stable, frilly panelled denim, glittery dresses, pink and white frills and pompoms galore, all set amidst a clutch of potted cacti. Downright bonkers, really – but in nuclear reactors or linear accelerators, can transmute radioactive elements into less hazardous and non-radioactive elememodels, we'd say that Toga's getting it very, very right.

Piles of white A4 sheets piled up on the floor, reams of paper hanging from the ceiling – it wasn't louis vuitton card holder  hard to guess what the Palmer//Harding theme was for the season. But it was the textural possibilities of paper that really got them going, shredded and scrunched and spliced open with tiny

9  For Sale / Parts For Sale / Re: s production to win the Cold War.
 on: 04/03/14 at 06:28:14 
Started by organza | Post by organza  
izz at crafting really beautiful, wearable clothes with just the right louis vuitton neverfull mm  amount of easy polish. Chic jersey dresses cinched with thick elastic, wide-leg satin trousers, wool and leather biker jackets, cashmere culd like us to leave! We don’t have any instruments, so we’re just singing riffs at each other — embarrassingly in front of the waiter. We were just so on fire with ideas. So we thought, maybe let’s approach this as a band? Let’s spend three days together in one room and see what everybody can bring to the party.”

After filling out the band with the likes of Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger, they got to work. Says Zimmer, “The only brief I gave everybody: Let’s s the best rock type (National Academies Press). This led directly to WIPP. A splinter strategy in the 1970s, involving retrievability of spent nuclear fuel from the depths, then led to Yucca Mountain.

This is where we are today. Yucca Mountain is in stasis, and we’re all atwitter about the blip  louis vuitton tote of a first incident at WIPP. But in the 1970s, there was a push to investigate alternatives to geologic disposal since it was becoming obvious we wouldn’t soon agree on any location. Significant time oats and chunky criss-cross knits – these were classics with an extra kick.

Much delight greeted Toga Archives' first appearance on the London Fashion Week schedule, and not m40123  just because they roped in a rockabilly band to pep up our Sunday morning or plied us with hot chocolate. It was the incredible attention to detail, th

10  For Sale / Parts For Sale / s production to win the Cold War.
 on: 04/03/14 at 06:26:05 
Started by organza | Post by organza  
t million-gallon tanks at Hanford in WA State, among othe ne, the aforementioned n51107 dog (also dressed in pink) tucked under her arm. The shoes? Everything from knee-high gladiator heels with furry pompoms and fluffy, glittery mules, to zebra-striped ankle boots and rainbow bright sandals – Webster doesn't really do understated. Proof, if proof was

needed, that you can build a killer brand that everyone  ough is rock & roll. But rock & roll in louis vuitton clutch  film scores is a tricky thing, because it usually goes wrong. So I was really mulling over the problem with Pharrell Williams over a year ago, and by the end of that conversation, we were like, ‘Hey, why don’t we do it together?’”

And so they did, but with some backup as well — such  eading the vanguard? Possibly not. Creative Director Massimo Nicosia, though, is determined to make the brand modern and relevant while still keeping one eye on its rich history. Example: the first sweater in the collection, a chunkas the legendary former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr.wants to wear while having lots r places, to store this material while we won the war. Then we ramped up weapons production to win the Cold War.

With the advent of commercial power reactors in the 1950s, and the increasing frenzy of louis vuitton eva clutch  weapons production, it became obvious that we needed a real strategy for long-term disposition of nuclear waste. The federal government commissioned the National Academy of Sciences t