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Measure units (Read 2049 times)

cng poland

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Measure units
05/03/9 at 12:23:10
Hello to everyone.

I have a question about unit of measure.
In Europe we have 2 kinds of measure: cubic metre (m3) or kilogram (kg).
I am wondering how to correctly convert our m3 or kg to your gallon.
CNG gallon is equivalent of power value, or volume(extent) of liquid substance.
How much water can you put inside your tanks, how long distance you can drive and what is estimated fuel economy in galons?

Toyota Camry CNG Hybrid.
Source: autobloggreen. com/2008/11/19/la-2008-toyota-camry-cng-hybrid/

Proposed 8 gallon gasoline equivalent
How much water can i put into cng tanks?

For example, in my tank 14,5 gallon (or 55 litre) (water volume) i can put about 13m3 (9,5 kg) and i can drive maximum 130 miles at highway (about 95miles in city).

Thanks for answers.
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